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Airlines Updates

A flight was grounded because a man wouldn't stop passing gas, and we're completely serious

February 19th 2018 2:48PM
Even though modern air travel is one of the safest ways to get from Point A to Point B, sometimes flights don't go according to plan. Planes can be delayed due to bad weather, or they can run out of fuel. And, in rare cases, their engines even fall apart mid-air. But one Transavia Airlines flight experienced ...

Should airlines introduce child-free flights? Calls for adult-only routes after 'demonic' child rant

February 19th 2018 2:03PM
CALLS have been made for airlines to bring in child-free flights after a "demonic" kid was filmed running riot on a journey from Germany to New York. After passengers described the eight hours of screaming as the "flight from hell" it sparked a debate into whether there should be flights reserved solely for ...

Southwest Airlines Cargo To Go Beyond Borders

February 19th 2018 1:52PM
DALLAS, Feb. 19, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Southwest Airlines Co. (NYSE: LUV) announced today its intention to begin shipping cargo to select international destinations beginning in May 2018, subject to requisite government approvals. The first international destinations Southwest Airlines Cargo® ...

These are the world's most punctual airlines for 2018

February 19th 2018 12:33PM
We've all experienced the pains of crowded airports, unbearably long security lines and cramped seating. But when it comes to flight delays, some airlines really are better than others. » RELATED: Delta named second best in J.D. Power ranking. Analysts at travel intelligence firm OAG examined 57 ...

MAXimum Comfort, MAXimum Efficiency United Airlines to Start Boeing 737 MAX 9 Service

February 19th 2018 11:37AM
CHICAGO, Feb. 19, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- United Airlines today announced it has added its newest aircraft type, the Boeing 737 MAX 9, to its domestic flight schedules. The MAX 9 features Boeing's Advanced Technology winglets and fuel efficient engines providing a quieter ride and the ability to fly ...

Frontier Airlines Keeps Flying Its Own Route

February 19th 2018 11:15AM
Over the past few years, U.S. ultra-low-cost carrier Frontier Airlines has tried to carve out a new niche for itself by focusing on less-than-daily service to small and midsize cities. This strategy is allowing Frontier to grow rapidly without engaging in too many head-to-head battles with larger rival Spirit ...

Airline ticket agent saved two teenage girls from human trafficking

February 19th 2018 10:42AM
An American Airlines ticket agent's quick thinking prevented two teenagers from a human trafficking scheme, according to law enforcement officials in Sacramento. When two girls, aged 15 and 17, tried to board a flight to New York from California's Sacramento International Airport on Aug. 31 without ...

First Airlines: Plane-themed restaurant offers VR 'in-flight' dining experience

February 19th 2018 9:45AM
If you thought plane food was one of the worst bits about flying, this restaurant in Japan might not be quite to your taste. First Airlines restaurant in Tokyo is offering guests a unique “in-flight” Virtual Reality (VR) dining experience, with virtual tours of cities including Hawaii, Rome, Paris and New York.

Indonesia volcano erupts, airlines warned from flying over area

February 19th 2018 9:33AM
Airlines have been issued a 'red notice', barring them from flying over parts of Indonesia because of the eruption. According to South China Morning Post there were no fatalities or injuries from Monday morning's eruption, the National Disaster Mitigation Agency said. Indonesia is known for its volcanic ...

Sichuan Airlines Signs for 10 Airbus A350-900s

February 19th 2018 9:33AM
China's Sichuan Airlines has signed a purchase agreement with Airbus for 10 Airbus A350-900s. The deal, still subject to government approval and valued at 200 billion yuan ($31.56 billion), amounts to the largest aircraft signing ever by the Chengdu-based airline. Meanwhile, Sichuan Airlines awaits ...

Nigeria: Dana Air signs interline, aircraft deal with Asky Airlines

February 19th 2018 8:48AM
A Nigerian private airline Dana Air and Asky Airlines based Lome, Togo have signed an interline lows agreement, which allows each airline to sell the other's segments, while maintaining its own code and allowing customers to easily identify the operating airline.The commercial pact is expected to ...

'Everybody was silent' Passenger sparks confusion by drying KNICKERS on plane

February 19th 2018 8:26AM
The strange moment occurred on a Ural Airlines flight from Antalya, Turkey to Moscow. During the three hour journey, a woman aired out her undies using the vent above her head. It's not known whether she whipped off the pair she had on or had been carrying the knickers in her hand luggage.

Airlines protest Trump budget proposal to raise passenger fees

February 19th 2018 8:15AM
But now, a trade group that represents those same U.S. airlines is protesting a proposal from the Trump administration to raise fees on airline tickets to collect nearly $3 billion. The Trump budget would raise the passenger security fee charged to all flyers by $1 per one-way trip next year and $1.65 in ...

Air Italy: Sardinia's Meridiana aims to become Italy's new national airline

February 19th 2018 7:30AM
The new Air Italy, which is part-owned by Qatar Airways, aims to replace Alitalia, the bankrupt flag carrier that is in the process of being auctioned off in parts to other European airlines. It is the fusion of Meridiana, the second-biggest airline in Italy after Alitalia, and Air Italy, a smaller, northern Italian ...

Ukrainian International Airlines drastically reduces ticket prices for Armenian passengers

February 19th 2018 7:30AM
The management of the Ukrainian International Airlines (UIA) company has agreed to reduce ticket prices for Armenian passengers. “After intense talks with UIA we have reached a mutually beneficial agreement whereby the prices for air tickets for UIA passengers traveling to and from Armenia will be ...

Is it safe to fly in Iran?

February 19th 2018 7:00AM
The most recent was in 2014, when a Sepahan Airlines flight crashed near Tehran minutes after taking off, killing 40 passengers. After the grounding of its entire fleet, the airline ceased operations. In 2011, a Boeing 727 operated by Iran Air crashed in north-western Iran, killing 78 people, while in 2009, ...

Woman seen berating flight attendant on viral video now placed on leave

February 19th 2018 6:46AM
A New York woman seen berating a flight attendant on a viral video is on forced leave from her job. Nearly two million people watched a recording of a woman boarding a Delta Air Lines flight caught not only threatening a flight attendant's job, but also saying she worked for New York Governor Cuomo.

Viral videos? Natural disasters? Airlines handled 2017 turbulence, as profits show

February 19th 2018 6:11AM
From viral videos of passenger confrontations to natural disasters, there were plenty of hurdles for airlines in 2017. But that didn't stop them from cruising to another year of comfortable profits on the back of a healthy U.S. economy and strong travel demand. With recent tax reform expected to juice the ...

Search for Iran plane crash wreckage 'ongoing', state media says

February 19th 2018 5:37AM
Pilot Hojatollah Fooled successfully landed a similar plane after an engine problem in 2013, the airline said in an Instagram post. It described Fooled as "very experienced." "On a previous flight from Yasuj to Tehran in 2013 he had an issue where the second engine of the ATR72 went out," said the post.

New airlines haven't cut into rival carriers' business at Charleston's airport

February 19th 2018 5:26AM
Atlanta-based Delta Air Lines continues its hold on the largest piece of the Charleston airline market with about a third of all ticket holders leaving the Lowcountry. Its share of 32.3 percent in 2015 slipped slightly to 30.4 percent last year, but its number of passengers soared by about 60,000 over the past ...